Weekly Online ACIM Retreats

Experience the same intimacy, connection, and engagement as you would during an in-person retreat—from the comfort of your own home. Our online ACIM retreats feature heart-opening teaching sessions, movies, video clips, live music, and more!

Online ACIM Retreats

Weekly Online Retreats

“Improv Online Revivals”—Coming soon!

We are so excited to announce a whole new wave of Living Miracles online events starting this summer— “Improv Online Revivals”! 🎉 These new weekend events (starting July 8-9) will offer music, movies, round table discussions, spontaneous teaching sessions, and even comedy skits!

Every Saturday & Sunday

Living Miracles Community

Information about other upcoming online ACIM retreats will be posted as soon as it is available!

Why Attend an Online ACIM Retreat?

Read these Beautiful Testimonals from Retreat Participants:

I just spent a weekend online with David and Jason participating in the “Undoing the Doer” retreat. Although I have been a Course student for quite some time now, I have never joined with others who are on the same path. It was so uplifting to hear other people struggling with the same issues that I face on a day-to-day basis. By the end of the weekend, I felt the love of all that participated. Others opening up and sharing their experiences was probably the most helpful.

Sue from Australia

At the last minute, I registered for the Awakening from the Dream retreat with the heartfelt prayer of wanting to go deeper into trusting the Holy Spirit with “everything.” I experienced my heart burst open and tears wash away so much seeming sadness and aloneness, leaving radiant light and joy. Love and connection erased everything else.

Mary from Kansas

I have felt so much inspiration and confirmation from these online experiences; they have engendered a deeper trust in my life’s unfolding, a greater willingness to look at and release wrong-minded thoughts and to open to Spirit’s guidance. I have experienced wonderful synchronicities and flow within processes previously draining. Also, as I seem to have chronic pain on my “curriculum,” being with you online is so doable! Thank you so much for being my mighty companions, for so freely and joyfully sharing your insights and love!

Sue from Oregon

How Do I Deal with Upset after a Retreat?


Spiri, Your Spiritual Assistant!

Spiri Your Spiritual Assistant

Our online ACIM conferences and retreats are a great way to connect with others and uncover the unconscious beliefs keeping us from feeling happy all the time—which is our inheritance!

You might ask yourself, “What can I do if I start to feel overwhelmed, angry, or depressed before or after an online retreat?“ Our answer is: Use Spiri, Your Spiritual Assistant! Spiri is a chatbot on Facebook that offers a process to help you move through any upset so you can be happy and peaceful! 

Spiri Your Spiritual Assistant

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