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Experience the same intimacy, connection, and upliftment as you would during an in-person retreat—from the comfort of your own home. Our online ACIM retreats feature heart-opening teaching sessions, movies, video clips, music, and more!

Online Retreats

Online Retreat Packages

ACIM Online Retreats—Now Available as E-Courses!

Embark on a transformative inner journey from the comfort of your home with our online ACIM retreat experiences!

For over 5.5 years, David Hoffmeister and the Living Miracles community hosted monthly 3-day online ACIM retreats. We have now taken these retreats out of our “vault” and made them available to you as e-courses. Each retreat package contains high-quality video recordings of the sessions, including the full movie commentary sessions with David that were shown. Immerse in these teachings and enjoy them at any time that is convenient for you and at your own pace!

Available On-Demand

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Information about other upcoming online ACIM retreats will be posted as soon as it is available!

Discover the Power of ACIM Retreat E-Courses

Read these Beautiful Testimonals from Retreat Participants:

Loved it. It definitely held the same power as a physical retreat and then some. I’ve been in bed all day integrating!

Chris from California

I experienced my heart burst open and tears wash away so much seeming sadness and aloneness, leaving radiant light and joy.

Mary from Kansas

Such an amazing experience. David is always so powerful and direct, yet so loving and gentle. I LOVED being a part of the retreat. I will do many, many more.

Mike from California

How Do I Deal with Upset after a Retreat?


Spiri, Your Spiritual Assistant!

Spiri Your Spiritual Assistant

Our online ACIM conferences and retreats are a great way to connect with others and uncover the unconscious beliefs keeping us from feeling happy all the time—which is our inheritance!

You might ask yourself, “What can I do if I start to feel overwhelmed, angry, or depressed before or after an online retreat?“ Our answer is: Use Spiri, Your Spiritual Assistant! Spiri is an app available on iOS devices that offers content and tools to help you move through any upset so you can be happy and peaceful!

Spiri Your Spiritual Assistant

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