2018 ACIM Conference Registration

San Francisco 2018 ACIM Conference tickets are now available for the at-the-door price of $649.

Cost includes presentations and four buffets, but does not include hotel and tourist activities. To register for the conference now, click the appropriate button below. When you register, please make sure to choose David Hoffmeister from the drop-down menu where it says “Which Presenter’s publicity is inspiring you to enroll?” in the registration form. Or write “I nominate David Hoffmeister” in the “Optional Message” text box.

ACIM Conference Registration David Hoffmeister

Refer David Hoffmeister!

When you register, please make sure to choose David Hoffmeister in the drop-down menu of the sign-up form, or write “I nominate David Hoffmeister” in the “Optional Message” text box. This will increase the chances of David being given a spot on the main stage at the conference, to bless everyone in attendance with his love and light!

To contact the organizers (Community Miracles Center—CMC):
Rev. Tony Ponticello or Rev. Kelly Hallock
miracles@earthlink.net | +1 415-621-2556 | miracles-course.org
Community Miracles Center, 2269 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94114, USA

Conference Host

Community Miracles Center Phone:
+1 415-621-2556
+1 888-621-2556

Community Miracles Center

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