2018 ACIM Conference San Francisco

Love Makes No Exceptions
February 23–25, 2018

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Celebrating Inner Peace ACIM Event

Celebrating Inner Peace

An Event to Honor the 
Foundation for Inner Peace
at Living Miracles Monastery
July 14–16, 2017

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ACIM Conferences

Attending ACIM conferences expands the mind and broadens one’s understanding of what ACIM is pointing us to. An opportunity to connect with many different teachers and students!

February 23–252018 International ACIM Conference, San Francisco, California

ACIM Retreats

Step back from everyday life with ACIM retreats and come together for a deep experience of spiritual insight. A time for inner reflection, replenishment, and spiritual rejuvenation.

 July 14–16Celebrating Inner Peace!, Utah

Featured Event
July 14–16, 2017  
 Celebrating Inner Peace!

A “Fun-Raising” Event at Living Miracles Monastery. Find out more!

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